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niw m-14 trigger groups

so found some niw trigger groups for the m-14, as well as 2 unmarked, new short chambered barrels. the barrels have no markings other than .008 short and .013 short written in marker on them. the trigger groups are all usgi wrapped in foil wrapper.

what is a fair price price for all involved. and yes these will be on the files for sale this evening

also found a nice m-14 usgi bolt.


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Ive seen brand new H&R got for $250 a few years ago recently I don't know the market has gotten so soft. Its turned up a little but prices for everything are down in the dumps.

If they are TRW or Winchester you can ask another 10-15%.

As far as the barrels there are lots of new chrome lined ones coming out for $250 or less, so I would guess yours are maybe $200-$225.

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I'm looking for two barrels. I have two Fulton receivers that I mounted new-like H&R barrels on, and I don't like the headspacing with military bolts.. It's too loose for me. So- I need two good barrels, don't need to be military (all the rest of my parts are tho).

I will otherwise try to see them on the Marketplace.

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