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Anyone tried electroless nickel plating?

I was looking at the Brownell's catalog, and their electroless nickel plating chemicals caught my eye. Has anyone done this? What kind of equipment is needed? What is the process like? What is the total cost involved? Is it only for carbon steel, or can aluminum also be plated? I have an older tatical Remington 870 that needs a make over, and thought this would look pretty cool in a matte nickel. I know, "nickel" and "tatical" don't really go together, but I have a hard time remembering when I actually needed a non glare finish on it to prevent compromising my position.

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Wasn't the marine 870 electroless nickel?
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I just got a 2 liter electroless nickel kit from and will be doing some small handgun parts this weekend. Will update here with my results. If you go to their site, there is a description of the process. Heating the solution is the technique, no electrical power supply needed.
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