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Argentina Variant

In the spirit of Flypaper's variant threads here is my Argentina FAL:

Originally Posted by Flypaper
Thought I would set up some specific variant image threads that "We" could add to and have a great collection of specific variants for reference. Any stage of build would be great.

Many variants, I don't have and will need help getting those threads started.

PLEASE post or pictures on topic variant only.
This model has the open ear gas block and tall rear site. I could not find a correct military flash hider so I used an Imbel on this build. It is close to correct....


This image lifted from DakTo post:

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What? Me AR?
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There is virtually no difference between an FN, Imbel, or FMAP FH - I'm not even sure there is a way to tell them apart !!!!!
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FMAP receiver on matching argy kit. With real Argentine buttstock!

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Grabbed one of the last of Sarco's Argentine kits this April @ Knob Creek.
Kit came with a US bbl, but I found a new Steyr, so I upgraded.

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It seems we have lost some pictures. Shame that.....
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But Photobucket has hit hard there too!
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