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US made inch parts?

Pardon the ( possibly all too common) question but can anyone here recommend a good place to find US made parts for an L1A1? I know of Ironwood but thats about it so far as US makers go.I thank you all very much for the help and may your groups be tight!
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Gunthings have the U.S. mfg. THS sets for sale.
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You can find Inch mag floorplates on Gunbroker from time to time. A metric follower will work in a Inch mag. A metric gas piston will also work. Mountain man makes the folding charging handles once in a while. DSA has an Inch barrel as well as there are some US barrels that SAF Lithgow was selling that are superior to the DSAs that are still floating around.

Old South Gunwood aka Cresent Industries also makes inch wood furniture and has done a good job on their inch handguards. They were posting here for a while but never paid for Vendor status so they caught some crap for that.
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Norvell manufacturing sells HTS, gas pistons, and charging handle slides. Ernst Armory has mag floors. Gunthings has wood pg.
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