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The problem with "old gun" reviews...Nambu 14 Review

Watch and see what happens when you are more interested in what the camera is doing than the 75 year old jammed gun is doing in your hand (just watch the first few seconds) I hate when internet reviewers with more experience just reading about stuff, talk about guns they have never shot before. These guys hold the Type 14 Nambu to the quality standard of an STI .45 for some reason. Ugghh..

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open ear shooter
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i was always told the Nambu was a P.O.S but has real collector value,
id never do a review on something i wasnt competent on other wise your review would just be "hey look everyone see what i have im gona go shoot it now by the way its what the Japanese used during WW2" follwed by i know the caliber and how many rnds the mag holds common dribble nothing more than what Wikipedia can tell you
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Had a Baby Nambu come thru the shop I helped with computer issues, along with 5 rounds for it. Pistol sold for $4k, and each round brought $80 or so on auction.
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I had a few of them over the years and still have one. My opinion of them they are very accurate and well made except the late war years. Guys make ammo out of 40 S&W now. They did have problem with broken firing pins. After WW11 some guys rechamber them for 9mm Luger so check it if been rechamber. Would i buy another one yes if the price is right.
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I have never owned one, but would like to...just from a collector interest standpoint. They key is finding one that is ALL matched, including mags, which is not that easy. They are what they are, and they ain't no more.

I am still not so sure he really "cleared" the weapon completely before the AD. Looks like the bolt/slide slipped out of his hand before he could be sure the chamber was empty.
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Looks like that thing needs new springs, I have one and most likely will never shoot it.

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Old April 16, 2015, 20:36   #7
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How did I know Hansel would have one? Very nice
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K. Funk
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I have one that is all matching including the grips and magazine. Unfortunately, it was chromed as a war trophy. Fortunately, I found someone to remove the chrome electrochemically and refinish it to a very nice rust-blue like semi-satin finish. It is very nice, but I have not yet attempted to fire. It has been in the safe for at least 10 years. I'll try to get some pics up.

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I had one some years ago but would not shoot it as the springs seem to be rather weak and soft. I did shoot the Type 94 that I had though but don't remember how it did. The 94's are very weird pistols and can be shot by depressing the sear bar that is exposed on the left side of the pistol, even when the top end is removed from the frame. I have heard stories that clever Japanese soldiers would feign surrender and show the captor the pistol in two pieces and then shoot with the top end. Probably the kind of story that was made up because it could have happened. I still have some ammo (not relic WW2 stuff) which is headstamped 8mm Nambu and not made from 40 S&W which bulges a bit when fired.
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I had several nambus and 94's years ago. I got rid of them when I got away form jap stuff. They were fun. A buddy made me brass out of 38spl - was alot of work but he had a small lathe and I had time then. They were a hoot to shoot...the 94's seemed to have alot of jamming issues and looked like they were made on saki night at the factory. Disassembling the type 14's was a biatch. Why strum ruger borrowed alot from the nambu for his 22 autos... one can only guess.
I knew an old army vet that had a type94 ( I eventually got it from him ) that the holster had been shot through at the bottom. He had told me a fella took it off a dead jap aircrew and wore it around proudly...until he patted the holster right smart and put a bullet in his leg. That's how the old fella I knew got it.
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