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FN FAL Trigger Job

I built an Imbel with all the U.S. required parts. I checked my trigger weight and wasn't surprised to find it around 10 lbs. I search the "net" for a lighter FAL after market trigger. All I found was "Falcon Ind." has a spring set. I don't remember the price or weight reduction. I decided to try and make my own set of springs.
I went to "True Value" hardware store with my trigger spring and found the closest match (size). The spring compression was half of the original one. (3 per pak for $1.85)
I compared spring lenths and cut the new one two rounds longer. I then cut two rounds off my sear spring. I measured with my "Lymans trigger scale" and reduced my pull by 4 lbs.
It's that simple, If you want to try my way I suggest cutting your trigger/sear springs one round at a time. Test your pull and if needed cut "one round" again until your at the weight you feel safe with.
I didn't do anything to my trigger or sear. No buffing, polishing, grinding or cutting.
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"Clipping coils" has long been known as a method to reduce trigger pull.

Its a testy subject.

Reduction of spring tension, and reduction of spring "weight" always comes with some measure of risk that the trigger may release when it shouldn't, or that it may not re-set when it should.

I agree that the "factory" or "O.E.M." springs are probably heavier than they "need to be" for the type of use that any FAL owner is ever likely to put his rifle. I think the real risk comes when the thinking, "If some is good - more is better" is employed.

There has to be a point at which "clipping coils" is just asking for trouble. There could be a balance-ratio where the rifle is essentially bump-firing when fired from a particular position. We know how "popular" this sort of malfunction is with some employees. I don't presume to know where that line is drawn. I only hope I never have to find out.

So long as your trigger pull is still over 6 pounds, I'd be surprised if an argument could successfully be made that the trigger is unsafe or "illegal."

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I measured my trigger weight the night before the Georgia match (match was yesterday) and found it at 14 lbs. I replaced the trigger spring with one I found in the garage, the trigger would just barely not restore every time. I shimmed it at the rear with two small, thin washers. That made it restore every time and dropped the weight to 10 lbs. But.... During the match I noticed I now had a two stage trigger. Stackup....very small "tick".....tiny bit more pressure then boom. This caused a few seconds of trepidation, as I'm not used to a "set trigger" setup on this rifle. I'll work it over more in a while. I don't like cutting coils off original springs. And tread carefully with any lockwork. You are modifying something that may be too heavy for your likeing, but was desidned to function safely every time.

BTW, about thirty shooters yesterday at the match. COF was 116 rounds if you shot clean. Some of us bettered that by more than a mag. I didn't hear a single rifle double. That was good. I won't go into the malfs I did see. There were too many, including a FSE hammer that broke in half.

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