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Old Sarge
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Primer info needed

Hi All
I am fixing to order some primers befor there all gone. Is one brand better (last longer?) then another? I have been using CCI for the most part and never had an issue. I recall using one make of Large Pistol that would double as a standard or Mag? I think it was a Winchester. But now I can't find a box in the shop.

Old Sarge
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Winchester pistol primers say Standard and Magnum on the box.

CCI makes primers for military rounds. No 34 Large Rifle, No 41 Small Rifle. It might be a good thing to have a few of these stashed.

I can't remember the brand, but some primers are softer and/or more sensitive than others. This is fine in a bolt rifle but not so good in a semi-auto.
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I've used Winchester primers for many years and have never had any slam fires in FALs, ARs, M1As, or M1s. For semi autos, you do need to make sure that you seat them slightly deeper than flush.

If you're trying to go for peak accuracy, you will have to experiment with different primers with each individual load. Unless you are loading for a match accurate gun, this is hardly worth the time. I use Winchester primers in my high power match rifles and get great accuracy with powders such as Varget, IMR 4895, RL-15 and IMR 4064.
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If you use small pistol primers, just buy small rifle instead. Works fine for both pistol and rifle. I've done this for years using WW small rifle in .357, 40 S&W, 9mm and .223. I stay with Large Pistol primers, Federal or WW, for the .45 ACP.

I recently switched to the CCI #34 NATO spec primers for .308 and like 'em fine. (I used Standard or Match Federals in the past.) They #34 CCIs also cost less than standard primers. They are considered magnum primers, so reduce your charge approx 2 grains compared to standard rifle primers (for .308).
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