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Stainless Steel 30 round AK Magazine Springs

Stainless Steel AK47 30 round magazine springs for sale. Been selling them at another web site and now offered for sale to those at FAL Files. They fit Russian, Hungarian, Polish steel and polymer, Bulgarian steel and polymer, Romanian and East German pattern magazines. They only work in 7.62X39 caliber magazines, the coil helix is too wide for 5.45x39 or .223 mags. Will not work with Chicom mags as they have a different floor plate and spring retainer piece than do Russian / European pattern magazines.

I've got these as part of the development towards my magazine company startup. See my post in General weapons Discussion of forums for the history on this subject.

Price will be $3.75 for one spring or $3.50 / spring when buying 2 or more up to 10 springs. Really large quantities of springs wanted.........PM me for a quote. Postage for a purchase of less than 10 springs is $5 bucks. Orders of 10 springs or more postage is included. Example $35 bucks for 10 S.S. springs to fit any 30 round 7.2X39 mag is your total cost postage included. West coast pays $6 in shipping for up to 10 springs.

I'm located in Loganville GA. If interested drop me a PM with your questions or orders and I'll hook you up with what should be the ultimate mag spring for 7.62X39 magazines!

These really are nice springs. I like the no worry nature of the stainless, they're not going to rust so no oil required for rust prevention. No oil means no dirt attracted or retained. In stock ready to ship on this date.
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