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The Funky B&T USW A1 with Brace

I decided that this should go under curio as it is not something that will appeal to everyone. It's the USW A1 from B&T with a cut up folding stock and a GHW Mod 1 brace. Now because of LOP guidelines the stock was cut up short and in doing so, the latch up function for the folded stock was lost. In trying to orient the brace vertically when extended (by heating), the brace did clear the stock release tab on the firearm and it now sits more flat when folded....making it possible to slide it in and out of a pouch or bag.

Recoil booster from Brooks came in. The booster is needed as there is still barrel movement (maybe some tilting) when fired. Without the booster, the suppressor end hits the lower receiver when the firearm cycles.

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I am really hopeing b&t gets the memo on US gun laws and start making there stuff with braces over stocks ..

For example b&t or one of the euro companys is making a product like this for the sig 320 FCG but has a SBR stock ..Lot of stuff like this in Euro land as they have different reg then we do

If company start selling brace kits they will do well

I am happy you manajed to at least somewhat mod it to work
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Its like B&T was reading my mind. I love the USW concept and wish the brace wasnt so after thought looking. I think the SBR is going to go the way of the dodo anyway.

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I tried to get my mitts on one at the NRA show, but there was always a mob around it. The actions on their rifles, carbines, and SMGs felt like they were riding on ball bearings. Made the CZ and Beretta feel gritty.
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I was interested when the B&T USW came out, but quickly realized it was interesting in concept only. It is essentially an answer to something several other companies had already addressed. (i.e.. make a pistol into a "rifle".) This is something that ZFI/FAB Defense and CAA had already done recently.

I was an early adopter of the KPOS/G2.... for better or worse.

It is... okay. I can put 33 suppressed rounds on a 10 inch plate in 15 seconds at 50 yards. Like ringing a bell. It has its negatives, which I will address.

Negatives of the KPOS:

The biggest issue is the shroud around the barrel.... It is MUCH too small. I have a 9" barrel on the host and the suppressor contacts the shroud (standard "Sloppy Glock").

Another negative is the upper receiver engagement.

For someone intending to run suppressed this is a BIG DEAL.

The OEM receiver rake does not allow someone to install a suppressor on a standard threaded barrel. The rake sits too far forward and keeps the suppressor threads from seating correctly on the barrel threads. The only way an operator can install a suppressor correctly is to have the back of the charging handle sticking out the rear of the housing a couple inches. There is a need for either a different rake, or more holes/positions for the OEM rake.

I corrected it by having my machine shop thread a new hole on the rake and install it backwards. It works, but IMI/ZFI should get their shit together and correct the issue. It should be embarrassing for them.

At 9", most 147 gr "subsonic" 9mm ammo goes supersonic. Even factory 158 goes supersonic once in a while (Yes, it does. Suck it Fiocchi, you have the video.)

So.... .... yea.....

They are both are cool.

FAB makes a convertible holster or under shoulder or thigh.
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