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AZ Dave
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Sight pusher reccomendation please.

I want to mount hi viz sights on a 10-22 but would like to find a pusher that is useful for other firearms as well. Your thoughts please. Thanks... DDDave
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Armed Curmudgeon
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I have one of these and have used it for replacing and installing many pistol sights. The frame is large enough for a 10-22 receiver to fit through:

Comparison of the XL tool and Gunsmith kit
The XL frame is 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
The Gunsmith kit frame is 3″ x 3″

Expensive but it is worth is if you're changing sight often.
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Tapping out a sight with a brass punch is a good way to go. The jarring action helps dislodge a sight better than the constant push of a sight pushing tool. Kinda like how an impact works on a bolt.

Installing sights is another matter altogether. You really need to learn how to do it and you'll need some sight files. Trying to push or tap in a front sight will end in disaster if the sight isn't fitted

S&W used to push in the front sight of their M&P pistols hydraulically. They may still do it this way. A sight pusher will break before the sight comes out.
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I use brass or Delrin punches to drift sights. No need for a specific tool.

Occasionally you need a steel punch to get it started. Just use it gingerly, as in, put away the 5 lb. sledge.
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Bwana John
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Be aware... Recent 10/22 front sights are glued in, and require heat and a BFH.
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