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J. Armstrong
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LED lanterns, recommendations ?

Lost power for about nine hours last night, which gave me a chance to test some of the preps. I have a pair of inexpensive handcrank/solar rechargable LED lanterns and discovered a0 that they don't have a very long run time and b) light output drops off quickly and c) forget about hand crank recharging,. Even at the lowest setting, a counted 2000 cranks only got me a maybe another 8 - 9 minutes of very mediocre light.

This wasn't a surprise - they were pretty cheap ( chinese, no doubt ) and were more of an experiment. To the point, has anyone had any experience with LED lanterns and if so, what recommendation can you make ?

Also rediscovered what I already knew - flat wick oil lamps are pretty sucky ( and stinky ). An old trawler type lamp, which uses a round wick and a flame spreader, was MUCH better. Didn't get to try one of the Aladdins, guess I ought to try them before I'm actually behind the eight ball
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