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Questions on FN FALO configuration

I have a 50:41/2 in for work. Don't know which, as FN coulnd't seem to keep the two straight and it's not the original stock. Gun South / Steyr dual stamp.

As I look it over, I am beginning to suspect that it used to be a 50:00 and someone added the heavy barrel.

Has correct handguard, but grinding on the retaining ring makes me think there was some fitting done and not by FN - and the finish on the front HG support does not match the wear on the surrounding areas. Also, it had a US wood grip and an izzy stock & buttplate with StG screws which obviously aren't original but not indicative of it not being a 50:4x originally.

Slight rounding of the barrel flats, possible anti seize squeezed up from the barrel threads under the gas tube nut. Barrel is timed well. There is no barrel alignment line stamped at 6 o'clock on either barrel or receiver.

It had some gas issues. Gas tube wan't screwed all the way in, but also there is evidence that it was painted while mounted as it's bare on the aspect facing the barrel. Tube is chromed inside and out.

Finish on receiver is original as is evidenced by correct locations of parkerizing masked with no paint, and that ever so slight orange peel texture typical of FN paint.

So my guess is, an original painted heavy barrel was installed on this original receiver after original manufacture.

Also has a type C regulator. Shouldn't all FALOs have a type A regulator? Type A doesn't time correctly (4), and the type C does (1). I don't see enough of them to remember. The Izzy and the Argy typically had a type A, I think.

Really has nothing to do with making it run, but it has me curious. Any SN listings of which were factory FALOs?
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Well, my Belgian HB Gun South marked rifle does not have a gas tube that is chromed inside and out, that's for sure. There's no grinding on my retaining ring, either. There is no anti-seize squeezing out and no rounded barrel flats.

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