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FN CAL rifle magazine price?

I know there are only 22 of the rifles in the states. Iím trying to get a price for the marketplace but thereís no reference on where to start.

For those that donít know, the CAL was a 223 chambered rifle that followed the FAL before the FNC became a thing. It wasnít a commercial success and there are only 22 of them in the states. Iíve only ever seen one of the guns for sale but never a magazine by itself. I figure if anyone knows, it would be you guys.


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Originally Posted by limeyinaz View Post

Looks like FAMAS mag, in bad shape.

I sold a few CAL mags long time ago...

Meanwhile, i can't find any here in Belgium. Seems to be vanished some how.

It's always the same. I should buy all common parts ight now since 10 years later the go 3x more.
My banc can't give me that profit.

CAL mags costed like 50$ NIW in the 90's

What if then...
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Whatever it may fit, its best use is as trashcan filler. Step on it and toss it,....that's the worst built mag I think I've ever seen. Poor welds, poor folds,'s already coming apart at the seams. That's worse than
ProMag bad.
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that is a Mini14 mag
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^^^^This^^^^^ It's one of the craptastic aftermarket mags from the early 80's
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It looks more like one of the 30-rd M1A mags made by USA or National. It's worth it's weight in shit unfortunately.
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