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So what is your favorite type of handgun

I have been buying and collecting handguns for almost six decades. During that time I have owned several hundreds of assorted handguns of all types.

My favorite and best liked are service handguns. Those that have been carried in the holsters of military personnel and police officers. To me they represent what a handgun is all about which is to serve as a personal defense weapon on the battlefield and on the street.

So what kind of handgun is your favorite?

And so it goes.

The Retired One
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4 inch, blue, Model 19 Smith and Wesson

From 1 foot to 100 yds, just gets the job done.
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Browning HiPower, hands down. A nice and sleek high cap nine, and old school.
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Originally Posted by moonbat60 View Post
Browning HiPower, hands down. A nice and sleek high cap nine, and old school.
Works for me.

What the HELL is he building in there?
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Muh S&W 629 Classic Hunter with smooth cylinder also looking for a 454 Casul with same cylinder attributes.

A day a Ruger Redhawks and Super Redhawks in 44 mag or 460 Smith & Wesson.

But I also likes my Colt 45's and Sig P229s.
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Right now I've just about finished my Ruger Old Model (3 screw) single action collection. Just looking for the right old model Bearcat to finish the collection.
I like the original actions over the 2 pin New Models any day, and I've had many of both.

My most recent addition was a minty 6.5" 1959 44 magnum Blackhawk.

There is a special place in my heart for my Magnaported S&W Model 57 (no dash).

Best Drop 8 time, 9.41, 8 for 8
6.5 Grendel AR15

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For pure functionality, a Glock 19 for me. I own a few and have been shooting them for a long time. Aren’t much to look at but I shoot them well.

From a vintage standpoint, I like older N-frame S&Ws.
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I also like service handguns and dislike specialized models like the race guns they use in IPSC.
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- Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Old March 13, 2019, 21:17   #9
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Colt 1911A1's. Especially in .38 Super.
Beretta 92's are a close 2nd.
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Well from a functional EDC stand point my Glocks {27 & 30}. Nostalgia would be SAA types. Also like Beretta 92 series pistols, 1911s & N Frame Smiths.
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Hard to say. To own? I'd have to say my pair of Luger P08s and my 500 Linebaugh Ruger conversion.

To shoot? I do like my single actions, and the 500 is quite tame with 450 grain bullets at 775 fps (Trailboss loads). Thats still about 30% more powerful than the .44 Magnum and 2.5x the power of the .45 ACP according to the Taylor Knockout Formula. Its a 0.512 diameter bullet that only gets around the NFA restrictions on .50 cal handguns because the lands of the rifling are like 0.485 and wont let a 0.50 slug pass freely

Overall shooting pleasure? CZ75 hands down. I still cant explain why I just shoot better with it but it just does it for me. Its really the handgun the Hi Power wishes it was.

Runners up, my 4" GP100 or any good short barreled .357.
Don't spread our wealth around, spread our work ethic.........

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The answer to the OP's original question is YES
Be Determined. Aim High.
-- Sir Edmund Hillary 1919-2008
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Guilty pleasure is my Colt Delta Elite

I just tell everybody it’s my BHP, kinda like talking Bernie and voting Trump

That is, of course, a joke....just incase you want to discuss this
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