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Originally Posted by Bogie View Post
I figure one experts opinion is as good as another. You know what they say about opinions. Actually, I trust my gunsmith more. I watched him inspect the weapon. Couldn't do that with Ruger. I also believe that a Ruger opinion would not be impartial and unbiased.

He checked for bulges and was not able to detect any. He put dummy rounds in it and cycled it, etc. He said it locked up fine and is ok to shoot.

He said that he doesn't think you can get enough powder in a 44 case to damage a Ruger Super Redhawk, and that his hat would be off to anyone that could blow one up. He also said that had it been a S&W it would have exploded.

This gun NEEDS to be checked by Ruger. They know ALL the tolerance for that gun and have ALL the tools and gauges to check it.

I've survived two Kabooms, one with a Ruger GP100 and the other with a Glock G20. Neither was fun and something I don't want to do again. I'm not sure what happened with the Glock but I think it was a combination of weak brass and a charge right at the max with the possibility of a rifle primer mixed in. It stretched out the case head of the 10mm larger than that of a .45ACP. Glad that Glock designs there pistols to vent the gas down threw the mag well instead of trying to hold all the pressure.

But YOU can either take the advice of other or ignore it... your a big boy. At least I hope you are.
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Texas Jaguar
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I saw a Ruger Blackhawk in the old Mashburn Arms in Oklahoma City years ago. It was a pre transfer bar .357 magnum. The note said it was double charged with Bullseye powder. The fired chamber blew out upwards and completely separated the top strap from the revolver. Something I personally thought was impossible with a Ruger single action revolver.

That said if Ruger inspects the gun and deems it unsafe they will simply refuse to sell you a replacement cylinder. Its yours so they cannot refuse to return it to you. It won't be repaired but it will be returned. Surely you don't want to tempt fate a second time by shooting a gun condemned by its manufacturer?

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Ok. Ok. You've convinced me. I almost shot it this morning, but my wrist is still sore from the kaboom, so I didn't, and despite what my gunsmith said, I'm still apprehensive about shooting it. And yes, I hope that 63 qualifies me as a big boy.
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Texas Jaguar
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If your bound and determined to try it then tape it to an old tire or whatever you can find that will hold it in place. Tie a long cord to the trigger and get FAR away. Be sure to load only the chamber that suffered the KABOOM. Do it solo. No sense getting someone else hurt. Good luck, whatever you choose to do.
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