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a better Tiki Torch

How to make a better Tiki Torch for your porch and keep those nasty skeeters at bay

do not let those blood sucking pests ruin your time outdoors


^^^ just bite the bullet and get a box of 10, they are brass plated steel and until you get in the habit of bringing them in from the weather (and overnight/morning dew) your first several you will somehow let rust **** any regular size mouth mason jar will be just fine for these lamp bases ****

Light Of Mine 3/4" Inch 100% Cotton Flat Wick 33 Foot Roll for Paraffin Oil or Kerosene Based Lanterns and Oil Lamps with Genuine Red Stitch Superior Quality (3/4")

the wick is really too short for anything other than a pint jar, you will probably be using quart jars so get a roll of wick and just cut a wick of at least 24 inches so that you do not have to change wick part way thru the season

Firefly Eucalyptus Tiki Torch Fuel - 1 Gallon - Odorless - More Economical

not all Tiki Torch fuel is equal, this brand & type is considered the best for keeping skeeters at bay, even better than Citronella

Golden Harvest Drinking Mug 16 Oz Set of 6 Mugs

if you are kind of picky about the jar you use you can always use these w/ a drinking handle

now some folks like to have a chimney on their oil lamps so you are looking for a 3 inch base, lots of choices and here is a pair at a decent price

Westinghouse Lighting Corp 8-1/2-Inch Chimney, Clear - 2 Pack

having your new mason jar Tiki Lamp sitting around you may wish to have it sitting in a container in case it gets bumped over and a easy fix is a #10 can, or you can go for a nice steel galvanized bucket

note; you might want to make a way to keep the mason jar from falling over in the bucket, perhaps using the hot glue gun to fix the mason jar to the bucket

Behrens B325 Galvanized Steel Paint Pail, 2.5 quart

Behrens 1205 5-Quart Steel Pail
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