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Anyone done appleseed with a bolt gun?

I picked up a bolt action Ranger target 22LR and want to use it in appleseed in November - looking for tips and suggestions.
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Get thee to an Appleseed with whatever you have. But be prepared for helpful, genuinely concerned Instructors asking you if you would prefer a loaner (probably a 10/22). You can of course do good work with a bolt rifle, but it will be difficult to make score. Stages 2 & 3 of the AQT are 55 & 65 seconds respectively. With a transition from standing to sitting or prone, and with a mag change. Suggestions? Practice, practice, practice. Getting into position, establishing NPOA, etc. Good luck, enjoy!
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I did it a long time ago....there was all manner of rifle there alas there were no 22’s back then. We all brought the MBR M14$’ and a case of SA 308.....
it’s a challenge even with a semi. There was a lot of dust, the call came from my
rigtht and the wind blew from that side and by the time we trigger the first round the dust from them shooting was on us.
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I have done the AQT with a bolt .22LR and made the times, just barely. You need a rifle with 5 round mags at a minimum and 10 rounders are best. The best aid in shooting the AQT will be a stout sling, preferably a military sling you can adjust. Slinging up tight to lock the rifle to your shoulder will allow faster reloads without much disturbance in the shooting position (rifle movement). Rifle slippage and having to do major target acquisition will slow you down. Another headache is the need to assess the target after each shot. Don't worry about where the last shot hit, it goes where the sights are.
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I've scored Rifleman a couple of times (for grins) with an old Mossburg 44US trainer. It can be done but you should practice loading before you attend. I use a 1907 pattern sling but they teach mostly to the USGI web sling. A good sling with good solid attachment points is key to you success. I attend most of the 25/100 meter shoots at the club here and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to get someone to qual when they will not use a sling.
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