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Browning Hi Power serial number clarification from the factory.

I have a Browning Hi Power with serial number 77Cxxxxx, and looking on Browning's web site they state the numbers before the C is the year of manufacture (in this case 1977) but then their serial number list says that Browning changed their serial numbers in 1976. This confused me so I wrote to Browning.

Apparently Browning used the xxCxxxxx serial number into 1977 so mine was made in 1977. They didn't say whether or not they continued this after 1977.

If anyone else has one of these pistols and was wondering, here is your answer.

My email:

Sent: Friday, January 5, 2018 7:51 AM
Subject: Question on confusing Hi Power serial number


I recently inherited a Browning Hi Power and have tried to find year of manufacture. I have looked at your chart on Hi Power serial numbers and years, but mine has a serial number that isn't on that list.
My pistol's serial number is 77Cxxxxx. Looking at your list it's mentioned that "C" equals "Hi Power", and the two digits before the "C" are the year of manufacture. If you follow that info, it would seem my pistol was made in 1977 but your chart goes on to say the serial number system on Hi Power's changed in 1976. So, now I'm confused about what year this pistol was made.
I hope you can clarify which year this pistol was made. I greatly appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you,

Their answer:


Your model was manufactured in 1977. They did use some of the old serialization still in 1977.

Best Regards,
Browning Customer Service

Browning's serial number list:
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