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Posting Pics the easy way using Imgur!!!

A fellow member asked me what I do to post pics, and I've noticed a lot of guys having trouble doing so lately, I copy pastad how I do it, hope this helps!!!

Photos are a pain in the ass to learn! A lot of the guys use Photobucket, which sucks and I could not get to work, and the Photobucket is NOT secure, it won't work with an adblocker, hates chrome, hates Firefox, so fvck that! I added a quick reference guide at the bottom for you at the bottom of this page.

So here's what I did, I made an account on which is free. Once I made an Imgur account, it's really easy to add your photos from your computer. With Imgur open to your new Imgur homepage it'll tell you to drag and drop your photo files, open your PC photos in a separate, smaller window, then just grab the open pic you want from your computer's photos into the Imgur page you've got open in the background. It'll auto-populate the pics and you can drag and drop them as fast as you want, it'll just take a sec to catch up. Close your pictures library on your PC when you're done adding photos.

When you want to post the photo/s on the Falfiles, open Imgur and click on the pic you want to post, you will get several options that appear on the right hand side of the pic when it enlarges, you want the one on the bottom titled "Linked BBCode" which has the file code under it that starts with [url, and beneath it is a bunch of size options, I pic "medium thumbnail" for most pics of just normal stuff, "large thumbnail" for big, detailed pics. Any bigger and they're just obnoxious! Click the "copy" button and you can now paste it into the message box on the Falfiles. It will just appear to you as script, but the image will show up when you post it.

This is what finally worked for me. Once in a while a pic won't copy or will just copy several times, which you'll only discover once you post your reply, but no big deal, just click on "edit" on your post and delete and re-copy the pictures until they show up the way you wanted. Hope this helps! It was frustrating, as you know, trying to get pics to work!

Quick reference:
1. Drag and drop pics from your computer into your Imgur album.
2. Click on the pic you want to post, on the right of it choose BBCode
3. Click Medium Thumbnail
4. Click Copy
5. Paste to Falfiles message box
6. Submit message, check out the message you just posted, should be fine.
7. Any problems just click "edit" on your message, erase and repeat from step 2!
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I needed to get it figured out since photobucket bs.
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For clarification i am trying different ways of posting pictures, first one is using the above method and the second is from my album.
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Tinypic is another free host that works.
Here is a list of the supposed top 16.
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