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Molot to Release Quick Change Barrel/ Multi-caliber Vepr

Very interesting product being developed by Molot.

Part of the Story:

The new rifle is designated as VPO-302 (ВПО-302). As in the case of other Vepr rifles, it is based on an RPK receiver which has a beefier front trunnion and a bulged receiver to house it. The rifle comes with three barrels chambered in 7.62x39mm, 6.5mm Grendel, and .366 TKM. Each caliber option has different barrel lengths 350mm (14″), 420mm (14.5″) and 520mm (20.5″) respectively. The barrels are made by cold hammer forging and feature chrome lined chambers. The gas blocks are also chrome lined. The twist rates of the barrels are 1:9.45″ for the 7.62x39mm barrel, 1:8″ for the 6.5mm Grendel and the .366 TKM barrel has a 1:19.7″ twist rate. The latter has only the front 5.5 inches of the barrel rifled with the rest of it being smoothbore.

Zip to the 7 minute markt to see the barrels swapped in the video:

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The fact that is uses 366 is interesting to me as that was a way to own rifles in Russian withouth the long wait for a rifle permit as you had to own a Shotgun for so many years first ..Have seen SKS in this before not AK rifle

Now if only we could get them here
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