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Orion the Hunter
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FN Para - Stock Disassembly Question - Help Wanted

Unbelievably, it appears I may have done the impossible (much thanks to some Fellow FALers) I have just accumulated the last Part I need to assemble....a Complete FN-Belgian PARA Stock.

One snag: One of my part purchases, I received a partial FN Stock (disclosed by the Seller - All good) What I mean by this, is that someone had Hacksawn off the tubes. Thankfully, they chose their point to cut...exactly at the end of the Plastic sleeve, so I can recover the sleeve portion. What I need to know, is how the Buttpad is attached to the Arms? I have spare NOS FN Arms ready to install into that FN do the Pins or rivets or whatever they are come out? Pictures in manuals seems to indicate they are simple pins that you can use a punch to hammer out?

Can anyone offer me suggestions?


Orion the Hunter

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