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Arrow One Plate Carrier to do it all: LBT-6094 Releasable UnderWay in MAS Grey

For private use, outdoors, range, etc., setteled on the LBT with release system and removable float pannels.

You can see a different color version at video link below.

If I can sell all my other plate carriers, then I can replace them with this one, to also have a few spares.

Keep in mind this carrier is made in the USA and not the common ones you may have seen. Or the LBX made overseas. This version has both a quick release wire system and removable foam panels, three sets each in a different thickness included.

My matching holster in LBT MAS Grey should be coming in soon. Then I will be waiting for a few more guys to pull the trigger on the plate carrier, to get that into production for the not for profit group.

Of all the other brands and types of Plate Carriers, this is one of the two by LBT I kept coming back to.

Covered in MOLLE, it can be configured with pouches of your choice to suit needs.

Even with MOLLE, I still prefer to have a seperate carrier already setup for each weapon. Since my thumbs were not made to weave MOLLE pouches over and over again.

The color will be LBT MAS Grey, which has a history of being restricted for private sale by the manufacturer.

The other standard colors are mostly used by LE and other official entities, in our areas. So LBT MAS Grey seems to be a more low profile collector oriented color, for use in our areas. Until it get dirty, then everything looks the same.

Wish I still had the FNC to go with this carrier. I hope they will be imported again soon, with a different mag well for a better mag design.

If interested in this gear, please check out the not for profit links below or other web site where it is listed.
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looks hot & heavy.
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I made my own.
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This one?
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Originally Posted by 0302 View Post
looks hot & heavy.
^This, plus that price?
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Wow, almost like the look of that LBT PC more than the SKD PIG.
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I use a Crye JPC - I've tried a lot of the others and they are just too damned hot.
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