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Tell me about Galil / Golani

I always wanted an old school Galil with the wood furniture. The ARM is neat.

I thought there were only Century Golani's, and a few others like Hesse, etc. I'm not sure how much I trust the Century ones.

Then there are some very expensive ones, I assume imported as whole rifles.

Are there any other builders, info, etc. of Galil?
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I'll probably end up trading mine off.
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I sold mine off about 2012.

Yes I regret it but that's part of life.

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There are a number of options out there for custom built Galils that can range in price. I've seen folks discussing their custom build on Uzitalk. There are more knowledgable folks here that could speak to the quality of builds by various smiths out there.

I have a Golani. In a nut shell, they are a roll of the dice like any other Century products. Mine works well and is accuate. My understanding is that the bolt carriers were modified as a retrofit to problematic recievers. I've heard of peening of bolts as well due to improper hardening as well. I haven't seen that problem in my gun. Runs like a sewing machine on brass, hicups a bit with steel cased ammo probably to issues with the feed ramp that I am too lazy to fix.

The Golani is a gun for someone on a budget that wants to scratch the Galil itch. If you want a gun that you can count on pick up an origninal or check here for a good smith is to custom build you one.
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The answer to your question is HillBillyFirearms in McMinnville, TN. Jeff Miller is the recognized best Galil builder on planet Earth, his builds are better than factory rifles. Give him a call and he'll guide you through the process. Galil kits are cheap right now, I would not wait too long..
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