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Watch Ryder
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Smile Mossberg 715 T .22LR Carbine

When you think Mossberg are only making Shotguns they pull this neat little number.

It's a neat little carbines to hit the market in .22LR

It's made in Brazil under license from Mossberg and comes with 1 x 10 round magazine.


High-capacity magazine's are available (25 round) and it comes with AR-15-esque furniture as standard.
Weaver / Picatinny rails x 4 (3 on the fore-grip, 1 on the carrying handle / manual sights).
Useful carrying handle and sliding stock.
Light and handy (only weighs 5 lbs).
Most AR15 mods will go on (but not all!).
Can use both scope (if fitted) and manual sights without having to remove scope.
Affordable (only $300) plus ammo is dirt cheap as it's 22lr
Very little to rust as the only metal parts are the trigger / bolt carrier / breach and barrel.
Short and compact, only 16 inch barrel. Handy for tight environments.


Short barrel
Strip-down's are awkward.
The AR-15-esque shell must be removed first entirely which is fiddly with 13-15 screws to take apart and this also can through off a zero'd scope slightly.
Not very rugged.
Safety catch is not ideal for ambidextrous users / left-handers.
No threaded barrel so work would be needed for suppressors etc to be fitted
Subsonic ammo (that we've tried so far) must be manually cycled.

I rate this about 6.5 to 7 out of 10.

Good but not the best.

Here's the cleaning saga...

How to takedown / strip-down a Mossberg .22LR Carbine.
A long and drawn-out process, but worth for such a great gun.

What do you folks think?

Anyone own one of these unique carbines?

They are quite characterful!

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Correct me if I am wrong but from the takedown video the 715 is a 10-22 looking rifle in a drag.
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Watch Ryder
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The carbine furniture is overlaid over a receiver and barrel to a fair standard.

The Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22. is comparable in some ways but heavier and more expensive.
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