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Deer Season- Let's see those deer everyone.

I hunted state land only this year in CT. Finally connected with the shotgun after 7 days of bowhunting and not seeing brown. Got her at about 130 ish yards in hardwoods off of my tripod. Remington 1100, 12 guage, 1x Bushnell, Remington rifled barrel. Remington copper solid sabots. Angling forward shot, took out shoulder,lung, and hip. She went downhill 20 yards and died in a stream. Long drag, it was .90 miles increasing 400 feet in elevation out of a hollow.

Me - "Do You really think You can hit that Kudu at that distance?"...... Dad- "I'm going to head shoot"

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Blondzilla got her's on day 6 with a Winchester 70 in 243.

It her best buck yet !!!

More to the story at

A 9 mm "might" expand
A 45 will NEVER shrink!!
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My neighbor, who plants our food plot, shot this decent buck during bow season. He couldn't resist the turnip and beet tops, and neither can I when we put sweet vinegar, bacon dressing on them. Wilted greens are awesome. ~ss
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Several friends hunt my backyard. Rule is if it enters line of site kill it, sick of the darn varmints. This is most recent visitor, could kill deer every day if willing to go deal with their dead carcass and unlike squirrel and groundhogs the local coyote, buzzards and cats won't drag enough deer pieces away to keep dead ones from becoming an issue. All of these fell in less than 60 seconds.

Three less to worry about hitting on motorcycles or in trucks. If knew someone that would come get them would shoot all I saw. Same day next door neighbors either side had kills and hear multiple shots across cove. Wife is a little upset now about blood stains all overy her snow but the stupid squirrels don't seem to know they no longer blend in with the surroundings and the Hornet has been working past two days. Varmint Grenades from a 22 Hornet spew squirrel blood and guts in fan shape wedge for ten feet or more across snow. I think it's cool.
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