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AZ Dave
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Hearing aid recommendation.

I promised myself I'd buy a pair this year so I need to draw on the knowledge of the file members. I have pretty good hearing loss from firing guns in my early days with no protection and working in a loud power plant since age 18. And I blew myself up at age 17 with a fuel air bomb. I'm 57 now. Any recommendation would be appreciated. DDDave
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Gary Harwell
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Try MD hearing aids ok.blew mine 300 win mag in 60s. Never knew hearing protection existed or required.
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Old February 08, 2019, 19:35   #3
Bawana jim
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Normally at 57 you have a wife that tells you everything you need to know or think so a man doesn't need the hearing aides.

I have a friend that lost his hearing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam war. I have watched him for decades struggle with different hearing aides and decided I won't go through that. I have 50% hearing because of ear infections as a kid. Over the decades I have learned I am better off not hearing most of the noise out there.

Friend found that hearing aides amplified sound so he could hear it but the aides destroyed more hearing by making the sound loud. I saw him over and over jerk the aides out when they started screaming in his ears. Quiet is good to me.
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Shoots High
previously "powderhead"
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I wear Phonack (sp.) My insurance use to buy them for me so I wore the best I could find with all the bell and whistles.
But Costco also sell them and has a great policy. Try Costco.
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Old February 08, 2019, 22:32   #5
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I have a set of Siemens Signia from the VA. They're great.
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Old February 09, 2019, 07:07   #6
the gman
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I don't wear them but a close friend does. He can adjust his with an app on his smartphone as they connect via Bluetooth. Pretty cool. I'll ask him what brand they are and the cost.
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Black Blade
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Would like to know as well. After years of rock concerts, artillery, working as a hardrock miner underground and shooting sports my hearing is gone and even with "hearing protection" I have to have my wife sit on my left if she wants to talk to me.
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Old February 09, 2019, 16:46   #8
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"Try Costco."

My wife has had Costo hearing aids for a couple of years. She has taken them in for cleaning, adjustment and repairs but not as often as the $6000+ units she had previously. My 2¢.
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Old February 09, 2019, 19:33   #9
Uriah Lee
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Years on the flight deck handling jets and helos, had a 5" gun go off in the gun tub next to where I was standing, and a few too many Pink Floyd concerts has just about done my hearing in. Whatever was left fell victim to my chemo regimen.

I tried for a hearing aid, but they didn't work for me. Something about not capable of correcting needed frequencies. I hear vowels sounds just fine. Consonants are a different story. Without that square edge they put on words, all I hear are indistinct sounds.

You can try those non-prescription hearing booster jobs to see if there is any improvement before sinking a fortune into the prescription ones. Those are way up in the thousands. Maybe VA?
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Old February 10, 2019, 13:52   #10
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I've had a set of Costco hearing aids similar to Siemens (maybe made by them?) and they work very well until they fill up with sweat and quit working. For the last 3 years, I've been going over to Costco about every six months to get a new set when the old ones quit working. These were the $2000 variety. After the warranty (3 years) ran out, they charged me for the last set, so now it's off to the VA for hearing aids.
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Old February 10, 2019, 14:48   #11
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Cry once, buy once. If you go "cheapo" you will just regret it. I've had to wear hearing aids since I was 45 and yes, the high quality digital models are EXPENSIVE.
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