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USPS Delivery Times

Is it me or has the new year brought even slower service. Package received today took 6 days to travel 725 miles.

I have another going on day 10 and no delivery in sight which won't average even 100 miles per day.

Using the above 6/725 is approximately 120 miles per day average. So a package from NYC to LA would be 2,800 miles / 120 = 23+ days travel time.

How fast was the pony express?
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Only way I ship is Priority flat rate. Usually 2-3 days tops.
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Much, much slower for me also. Sent two birthday cards to my son in CT, both took a week to get there.
Local business sent a letter to me from a neighboring city, 15 miles away, took five days to arrive.

In all fairness to others mail times in TX have been the suck for a few years now.
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Gary Harwell
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Priority flat rate Houston to Tucson average 5-7 working days. Regular mail about the same.
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Old January 28, 2019, 19:11   #5
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we ship commercially through work. Depends on the proximity to Air HUBS vs. Overland routes. IF you live near a MAJOR city with huge airport it wil most likely be flown in and get there ASAP....if you live more then 25-50 miles away from a major air HUB, your letter is taking the overland can wait 1-2 weeks for that.
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Old January 28, 2019, 22:08   #6
K. Funk
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I'm shipping quite a bit, does not seem to be taking extra long right now, actually pretty good.

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I had a package take a week to get get from the North Side of town to near downtown..........
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Old January 29, 2019, 10:24   #8
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fedex took 8 days to deliver a package from just under 200 miles away,
they sent it 1000 miles in the wrong direction, then it sat for a weekend, then it came to Roanoke and then sat at their depot for an extra day as it "missed" the delivery truck? WTF. had a delivery from Nevada that was USPS and it took 3 days door to door.
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Old January 29, 2019, 15:02   #9
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I order a lot of Land Rover parts from a place in Westford , Vermont and live in the southwest Va. Just last Thursday i placed an order and it arrived this past Sat. It is the quickest i have ever seen and Fed-X delivery. Looks like they could all be similar in delivery times which by the way are always like this.
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Old January 29, 2019, 15:58   #10
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USPS greatly depends on proximity to sorting facilities

For example if you are in rural northern Mn sending to a different zip just ten miles away it gets shipped south to the metro then shipped post sort back up

Up through the 80s sorting was done at most every post office
In the 90s they scaled all that back
I used to drive for a bud that had a mail contract when he was sick
Take the van, load up the mail bags at po's
You had sorted bags coming and going for every stop on the way, letters moved much faster with in regional districts
Not that way today

This change was due to the amount of money the service ate up in retirement benefits.
It's also why many very small towns are losing their local post offices

Plays a big factor why usps contracts out to FedEx and ups now

Back to the question though
For me just depends on point of origin
Had 1st class arrive from the west coast in two days
Had priority take two weeks inside the Midwest
No reasoning to it either
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Old January 30, 2019, 21:08   #11
> Dirt
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Rates went up last Sunday plus First Class parcels are now zoned. No more 8 oz being the same cost for me going to Zone 8 as to Zone 1.

I've had first class parcels cross the country in just 2 days and waited twice that for Priority Mail traveling the same distance. Completely unpredictable.
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Old February 06, 2019, 21:55   #12
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Check this out for a package from the MP for some silly mag pouches. It's circled back and forth. Amazing I say
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[QUOTE=[B]Riversidesports[/B];4690567]USPS greatly depends on proximity to sorting facilities

This change was due to the amount of money the service ate up in retirement benefits.
It's also why many very small towns are losing their local post offices

Plays a big factor why usps contracts out to FedEx and ups now [QUOTE]


Actually the USPS is THE only Fed Agency that is mandated to PRE-PAY all retirement benefits some 10 yrs in advance. This PRE-PAY is not held by
the USPS for safe keeping or investing to grow. It is turned over to the GENERAL ACCOUNTING FUND controlled by the Congress ! (congress EATS it up!)

Its another income source to PISS AWAY..... and they do just that !

Yes many "small" towns are losing their Post office. These small PO's have overhead that exceeds location revenues. Example .. rent on a building +
plus utilities, A Post Master (highest paid there), clerks, carriers. It paid out $123K for just building, utilities, upkeep and Post Master.
It took in $32K, and there were periods of many days during winter that they never saw any customers.

USPS doesn't want to own airplanes, or the support structure, so they contract with Fed-Ex and UPS.

My neighbor is ex USPS from a very large facility / district.
He has said many time the USPS is its own worst enemy, Congress is second
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