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Elcan repair / service ?

I need to have my older style Elcan's internal Tritium light source re-newed. This unit is at least 10 years old.

Anyone know who to contact? I couldn't find a link on the Elcan web site.
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Well, would be a good place to start. They have facilities in Texas and from what I have heard have an excellent reputation in the customer service department.
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Old October 19, 2008, 20:33   #3
GySgt D
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I've contacted Raytheon about this (on gubmit letterhead no less), and they tell me that they do not have a license to perform the work.

Was told that it would be no problem to send it to Canada to have it done, but good luck getting it back south of the border.

If there is any interest, I'll find the email and post it here.

Meanwhile, my Elcan is getting dimmer and dimmer.
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Old December 05, 2012, 12:12   #4
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Elcan C79 tritium inserts

I'm about to buy an Elcan C79 military scope.
The tritium is "empty" and need to get replaced.
I live in Belgium.
Any idea where and how to buy these inserts?
How do you replace it.
How do you refil the gas?

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Old December 12, 2012, 07:31   #5
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You can replace the inserts yourself pretty cheap. You have to buy two components, the tritium vial and the epoxy to hold it in place. The epoxy is a special kind that cures in UV light so it has to be kept in the dark so that it does not cure prematurely in the sunlight. When the epoxy cures it is crystal clear so that it does not block any glow from the tritium vial.

Here is the link to the tritium vials:

I cannot find the link to the epoxy right now but the guy who sells the vials might know where to get the epoxy from. You might be able to Google it also. There is also a page, maybe her on the FAL Files, that shows how to perform this operation on an Elcan.
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