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Full spectrum optics

Just got 9 of these in today for T&E. The glass is amazing, very bright and clear with just a little color on the extreme edges. If you didn't know what to look for you'd never see it. Several are headed to a govt. agency for field tests and the rest are going to folks here to see if we can break them. In my opinion this is the best set-up for the money and until we go to all electronic systems, I can't see any need for anything else for a combat optic on rifles.
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Refresh Key Masher
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Are you looking for testers, or are you looking for someone to buy one from you, or (Option 'C') None of the above?

Looks interesting.
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Curio & Relic
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These are beta prototypes ( preproduction run). GRSC asked us the take a look and shoot with them to provide feedback on any issues to get them ready for production. Already have folks lined up to test but wanted to make folks aware that this is out there. Ed has figured it out. There are things close but this is real and the price is nothing short of amazing (especially when I saw the glass). There is another member here that has shot this scope and can confirm its performance. This scope is better in performance and price than the military's new combat optic ( which uses a version of Ed's reticle to get around his patents, long story).
If anyone is really interested, we might be able to do a group buy.
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What’s the price going to be?

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Curio & Relic
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Sorry, I hadn't responded to this as I was waiting for some test results. This effort is the result from what started some time ago.
Yep, it has taken that long and not finished yet. The question is, what optic is needed to survive, Period, end of question? Once that is asked, then who has to survive? If it is Sam, sniper, that is different than GI Joe or Bob, every guy. Some facts. There is technology out there that will knock your socks off. It will never be fielded. There is civilian stuff better than the military. Cost (dollars and time) vs survival and the effect of diminishing returns.
What is going on with this program is reticle speed. Could talk for hours but this is the best. I am hoping to be able to post test results from the folks who have tested this beside a couple of us here. The testers were very unique. Scope got an 8.7 out of 10 ( there are scopes out there that cost 5X this scope that can't make 8.5). This scope is not perfect and notes taken have been added for corrections. Also from this, we have been asked to provide an Enhanced Full Spectrum Optic. I can say no more at this time what enhanced means but will as time passes.
For those interested, if we can get 10 people who want to try this, I can get a good price. This not my source of income but I'll do this for those that are serious about this topic.
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Always interested in seeing new optics developed.
Keep us informed, please.
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Would like to put one through its paces plus add some abuse on top. Been trying to find fairly priced used Leupolds with cosmetic issues which I send back to Leupold and have Horus reticles put in most times. They clean and service while swapping reticle and then been using one of the new low Ultraviolet/Thermal signature coatings have been able to buy without an LEO of dot gov letter to buy. Luckily it doesn't take much of the stuff to do a few rifles and am finding even after a couple magazines rifles are still almost invisible to even thermal.

Am currently saving for one of the 6-60x March scopes with built in laser ranging that automatically dopes your drop based on target in cross hairs. If March builds it then they will be top shelf.
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The Chief
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I'd be in for one of these, price dependent of course, for a wildcat .338 Fed (dedicated subsonic) build. Unsure what the protocol is here, but I'd be willing to do testing, also. Already got a Spuhr 35mm mono-mount, which was going to worn by a Leupold Mk 5HD, but could be convinced otherwise by this scope offering...
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GRSC had a troubled history for some time. In the beginning, no US scope maker(Leupold and Burris) liked the reticle the guy was pushing. As soon as the guy(GRSC owner) left, Leupold and Burris started making scopes with the GRSC reticle.

He went to the Japanese and Chinese. Supposedly, Japan started producing the scope. I don't know if this is true or not but GRSC went to China

GRSC started with a 1-4x and then a 1-6. Apparently, they've moved up in the world. Their new 1-10 is still a Chinese scope but the Chinese are making better scopes these days

The reticle was crap when GRSC started and it's still crap. Maybe their new Chinese scope is OK
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Curio & Relic
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GRSC history is the usual story of an undercapitialzed little company. Even SIG is now using the horseshoe. My issue is to determine other points, good and bad with the horse shoe reticles under certain enviromental conditions.
Much of what is pushed by all the companies is marketing. It is difficult to get actual non subjective test data. A lot of this is because of the bias of the shooters themselves. I'm not saying that is bad as the scope and human are what sends a bullet to the target but it gets difficult to seperate the two factors. So what you try to do is get hard reports on results and why those results from enough sources to begin to get the human factor under control.
Based on this approach, the reports indicate the GRSC reticle has merits. Take it for what it is worth. This was brought to the Files as an FYI.
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