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Flypaper's T48 forend installation guide.

As many of you know, these fluted forends only go on one way and are easily bound and crack. I know I broke my very first Belgian forend while installing it incorrectly... Mine aren't 60 years old and the wood is more forgiving.

#1 You want to slide it up from the bottom at about this location as shown.

#2 Next you want to slide the forend over the gas block. Note the gas plug is removed and the swivel is inverted.

#3 Installing the clip.
its going to be a SNUG fit, but it will fit. Slide the clip under the gas regulator until you reach the flats for the clip to rest in.

What works best for me is using a 3/16 rod / screwdriver to align the bracket/ forend holes.
I made them snug and there is no play. I also fit every forend onto my rifle to make sure the all fit, bracket and screw in.

Hope this helps....

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Id remove the sling swivel one less thing to screw around with. Then reinstall when finished
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Glad I haven't gotten to the point yet of trying that with my belgian set, probably would have cracked it too.

Thanks for the tips!
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