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Scott V2
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Airsoft question for Christmas present

My 9 year-old wants one for Christmas. My budget would be under $100. Don't worry, he is already pretty well equipped with real bang sticks.

He could shoot it in town in the backyard without getting the po-po coming a knocking. His sisters would still kick his azz though if he got one of them.

I am interested in something that is fairly accurate and he could practice marksmanship skills with. Does such a thing exist?
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Shooting cans at 50ft most are plenty accurate
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Col. Bat Guano
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I faced this same dilemma a couple of days ago. I have 9 and 12 yr. old boys, and like you, I was looking for something suitable for backyard plinking for those times when they aren't burning up my supply of .22 ammo!

While I'm certainly no expert on airsoft, it seems as though the rifle makeup boils down to the gearbox construction (metal vs. plastic), which is essentially the means of firing the projectile.

Intro guns are going to be spring-operated, single-shot affairs. I opted for the battery operated version (AEG in airsoft parlance) in order to have semi-auto/full-auto capability. For the same price point as yours, I went with this option:

I placed my order yesterday for this rifle (14 inch bbl, M4 clone) and a similarly equipped 11 inch barreled version for the boys. Both guns have metal gearboxes and deliver good velocity at roughly 400 fps.

Up until this point, I didn't realize the depth of the airsoft market and the offerings. I refuse to pay 100's of dollars for basically a toy when I can get the real thing for the same price as the high end models. The evike website has everything under the sun, but it is a PITA to navigate. I saw what I wanted at the link I posted and the price was right. I guess I'll find out if I made the right decision on Christmas afternoon in the backyard.
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Just my thoughts, but go with a gas powered gun. Green gas is cheap and a lot more fun to shoot. You get some fun blow back action to the gun and they sound much different than the AEG guns. The selection of Gas guns has greatly improved over the past 5 years.

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Agree with the green gas recommendation..
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