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ggiilliiee receiver mods to improve function

If you have a stamped steel dustcover and are shooting Berdan-primed throw-away milsurp, a few "brass kisses" on the side of your receiver is a "mark of honor" that you actually shoot your FAL.

However, if you have an aluminum scope mount dustcover, wild ejection will begin to eat it alive... or if you are shooting Boxer and wish to save your brass, the least amount of casing damage, the better.


Here is an archived link:]How to Fix FAL Rifle Brass Strikes
detailing how to custom-adjust your ejector angle and thus control how your brass is ejected from your FAL. Close-up pictures included.

Reviews of praise have been offered after trying these techniques. Brass is reported to sail through the CENTER of the ejection port, touching nothing. Your aluminum scope mount will thank you.

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