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Evolving world

I don't buy into all the global warming issues and the sky is falling from the left but the earth does change. However, this book does provide some food for thought. I especially worry about food supplies and new biological issues.
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Rolling Stone? Give me a break. Might as well be from the " Communist Worker".
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Curio & Relic
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J will finally quit bellyachin then, errbody will be skinny.
"We are told not to judge Muslims based on the actions of a few. I suggest we give millions of responsible American gun owners that same courtesy."
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RG Coburn
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Well,the first thing the article shows is an absolute lie.
See the photo.
"Stubs of corn chopped down because of heat and lack of rain in Nebraska, 2012. "In the human game, the single most important question is probably 'What’s for dinner?' writes McKibben. "And when the answer is 'Not much,' things deteriorate fast." "

Yes,corn is chopped,but not down. That corn was cut and chopped into a silage feed. Note there is no part of the stalk left on the ground,just the cut stalk and roots. Perfectly normal farming practice. The rest is in a bunk somewhere fermenting into cattle feed.

We may very well face food production problems,but not from a warming climate. A cooling one. We are due,over-due in fact.
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