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why did we laugh ?

Sam Kinison

just watched this on Amazon prime video

lots of cameo from notables

even clips from some of his sermons when he preached the gospel

I think we laughed so hard is because Sam pulled things from deep within us

Sam Kinison - Why Did We Laugh?
Far better it is to dare mighty things,
than to take refuge with those timid spirits
that know neither victory, nor defeat.
Teddy Roosvelt

Pray for peace, but prepare for war.
Winston Churchill
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I couldn't stand to watch him for even 5 seconds.
I ain't too bright!
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Old July 13, 2018, 07:00   #3
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I thought that his best work was with Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School".
“He should be torn into itty bitty pieces and then buried alive!” Hanover Fiste in “Heavy Metal”
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We all have our "Kennedy" moments. I know right where I was when I heard he was killed, stationed in Pensacola, Fl and headed to dinner with a buddy in his car when I heard.

Damn sad story. Guy is strung out on coke an booze and a raving basket case. Woman comes along, gets him cleaned up and marries him. Few days later dumb drunk 17yo kid drifts across the center line and hits Sam and his new bride head on. Old Ford truck is apparently greater than new Trans Am when it comes to such things. Sam died seemingly at peace. Miss that guy.
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