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SUITs on Aussie L1s

Out of idle curiosity, did Australia ever use the SUIT optic on their SLRs? Or was that just a Brit thing?
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Ive never seen an Aussie rifle with one, but that doesnt mean it didnt happen in some odd trials or limited fielding to some exotic Digger unit.

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I cannot find any evidence the Australian military employed the SUIT scope.
However, the Australian X2F2A2 did employ the Canadian Leitz C1 scope in a sniper role.
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Yes, Australia bought and issued SUIT sights. As best I can tell the purchase was of around 1K units and they were issued (and used up) on a very limited basis, infantry units mostly. They use to come up for sale at Gun Shows here with one of the well known dealers in surplussed army optics and equipment (Ray Jaroz). We engraved (badly) an additional identifying number on them, the highest I have seen personally was 952. This is also detailed on Pages 80-82 of Skennerton's book.

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