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Old December 30, 2017, 18:23   #51
Nomad, 2nd
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Last gunshow I went to I got a Mixmaster FAL and a reparkerized SW model 10 for $900

High standard sportsman .22 pistol and an RG .38 paperweight for $200

A 4" S&W HD so nice that I thought it was reblued.... $550

+ a bunch of parts

One before that I had a table.
Sold 2, bought 7

Nother show on the 6th.
I'll be there
I notice no one ever debates whether a .30 is an adequate stopper...
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Old January 03, 2018, 00:26   #52
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I still love going to gun shows.

Sometimes it is just fun to meet up with people I haven't seen in a while. Sometimes I am on a mission. Either way, I never see it as a waste of time.

When I am on a mission, I make sure I have done enough research to know pricing, specs and other details. It actually works in both the sellers and my favor.

Getting to know the vendors is the most fun. I've learned so much from some of these folks and I buy from them even if I could get the same thing for less on-line.

One problem I did see after Sandy Hook was that the number of gun shows went from one every three months to almost one every other week. That was a drain on the vendors as well as the consumers. Looks like we are getting back to old times. I personally like less shows but the shows to be bigger with more than just FFL's.
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Old January 03, 2018, 02:23   #53
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we have a twice a year trader days .which is supposed to be about guns and hunting dogs .i went to the last one with a kimber 45 in mind .well right off the bat what i wanted was there .but took a trip around the market .did not see any thing else .went back to that table and bought that hand gun for a few hundred less then it retailed for .it was never shot much if any thing .kimber custom tactical hd ii 2 sets of grips and a wilson combat mag plus all paper work and box .wilson combat grips is what was on it but put the kimber grips back on .they feel much better ..from the original bill of sale that came with it i paid much less then it was worth

same place picked up a 1924 ithaca field grade double barrel 12 g shotgun for $320 with double bead sites in great condition .was told by a guy name terry deems to never sell it as its worth about $900 to 1200 as is .he writes for double gun magazine and is a restorer of of double guns ..i wanted a ithaca double gun as my dad had one .so now i have one .
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