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Straight Shooter
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Could Russian steel case ammo be an attack on the American populace in an attempt to reduce the number of military weapons in American civilian hands?

And was Chinese dry wall, also an attack on American civilians?

Food for thought. Hmmm?

Straight Shooter
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Originally Posted by Straight Shooter View Post
Could Russian steel case ammo be an attack on the American populace in an attempt to reduce the number of military weapons in American civilian hands?

And was Chinese dry wall, also an attack on American civilians?

Food for thought. Hmmm?
Nah, just a way to put U.S. cash into commie bank accounts. It's not that much cheaper to buy the crap at retail counter, just enough to draw flies to the smell of blood, but it's way cheap to make using scrap iron and surplus powder. Just call local scrap yard and ask what their paying per ton for scrap steel and per pound for #2 brass. Costs extra for copper wash cases if able to find over lacquer/polymer coating. Ignorant Wallyworld mentality people are looking for lowest pricepoint period to base their product buying without educating themselves one bit about quality of product. It's in a cardboard box, says it's correct size and costs 25% less. If was bad, retailer wouldn't sell it, right? Unsure exact difference between lacquer and polymer but seen many tests where polymer turns to glue once shoot enough in a hot rifle. Almost hate going to most public ranges to watch misfires, rackimg, tapping, beating, ammo with issues, guns with issues and they consider this normal.

My last real combloc ammo score was 1,600 rounds of copper washed steel case, steel core, bimetal jacket, corrosive primed 7.6239. Was cheaper than could buy new manufactured Tulammo in any version of 39 and was only 20 minute drive to meet a Files member as a bonus. When get my "free" range pickup steel separate the lacquer and polymer from the copper wash. The copper wash gets decapped and run through a "heavy pot cycle" in dishwasher for cleaning with dry set to high and immediately get spread out on a big blanket overnight for low humidity keep inside house will dry and remember to roll them often so one side doesn't sit on wet blanket without reorienting and not dry evenly. Load back into mesh baskets use in dishwasher after sit out overnight and place in over on lowest heat setting for at about an hour. Size in single stage press then prime with an RCBS hand primer to get good feel for proper primer depth. After that it's pour powder and seat bullets. 60% get 160 grain cast lead gas check bullet, 20% get copper jacket lead core soft point and final 20% get lead core FMJ over AA 2230 or Reloader 7. Will put any of them up against current manufacturer combloc steel ammunition.

Get a lot of steel 5.56, some 308, fair amount of 9mm and all goes into bucket with all the poly and lacquer coated 39 and give back to range when pick up next load to segregate. Usually brimg 200 or so loaded rounds with me and employees help me send it down the firing line. They seem impressed how well the cast bullets shoot next to the factory. So I will shoot steel in a pinch and occasionally in combloc rifles. Otherwise all the engineering is best left to others, I work on observation. If notice a particular product looks cheap and doesn't function properly and hear others say the same, goes in the category of regular low octane fuel. Don't run it in my vehicles. Dont shoot crap ammo in my guns. Would like to see a poll of what button the people that shoot steel case ammo push on fuel pump.
A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. 2 Timothy 4:3 G.W.T.
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I prefer to shoot brass in all my weapons, but, since steel cased is cheaper and I shoot allot, I do buy wolf, brown bear, sliver bear and tula and twenty years ago or so, the non corrosive Norinco stuff.

I've shot allot (10's of thousands) of 7.62x51, 7.62x39, 5,56, 45acp and 9mm steel. Perhaps a hard primer every 500-1000 rds or so. And, I have had a couple of dead primers. Somewhere in the distant past (10-20 years ago), I seem to remember a separated case or two.

I've never won a dime in the lottery or anything else. Maybe, I'm lucky w/ steel cased ammo?
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