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Originally Posted by J. Armstrong View Post
Well, I have to respectfully but strongly disagree with this !

Fnogger's SCAR notes are interesting, but all of the ergo issues he mentions are easily resolved, FWIW. Magpul PG, rail covers, VLTOR or KDG foreend depending on your budget. Do as I did and adapt a fAL cocking knob to the existing SCAR handle. Voila, the FAL still wins in the ergo category, but the SCAR can be brought close enough that the difference isn't a big deal. And ditch the muzzle device, there are several prong type FHs available that resolve the muzzle blast problem are more effective at reducing muzzle signature, and the SCAR is stilll a pussycat in the recoil department.
J. your explanation does not follow your disagreement. Would you like to try again?

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I caved...

I got a SCAR coming soon...

cashed some savings make it happen..

there goes Christmas...

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While I do really like my Scar-17 with Giselle trigger and the Elcan specter on it, I would probably trade it for a nice g series fal. Do I have any takers? I have extra mags to go with it.
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