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Rem. 22 cal surplus from CMP

Picked up a few 5K cases of this stuff from the CMP a couple, or more years ago. Just wondering if anyone has used any of it and what kind of results you may have had. At $90. a case I couldn't pass it up.

Semper Fi
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I bought a .50 caliber can of it

It fires, every time, but it is not accurate. It is not high speed. I use it sometimes for practice in a 10/22 that has been modified to be reliable with standard velocity .22 LR.

With the same rifle, with decent Wolf MT ammo, I can shoot cleans on the 50 yard CMP .22 Sporter target.
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Old September 21, 2017, 09:43   #3
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I like it, I shoot it thru a 10/22 and M9-22 with no issues, if Illannoy ever gets supressors I would imagine this would be sub-sonic in a pistol. Have given a brick or two away to friends so they can take their kids shooting. One of the best ammo purchases of all time in my view. Should have bought more of it.
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Old September 21, 2017, 19:28   #4
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I bought that deal too. It's okay .22 ammo, but it is without a doubt for me, the dirtiest .22LR I've ever shot. My hands look like I've been changing oil when I load magazines.
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