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Question NRA endorsed firearm insurance a good buy?

Is the NRA endorsed firearm insurance a good buy?

If not What do you recommend?
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I think they offer/ed some kind of firearm insurance including reloading??
Long time ago knew a guy who was a life NRA member who had the ins. A tube of primers in his press blew up and injured him some and they didn't want to pay.
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The NRA-endorsed firearms insurance I used to have covered just lost or stolen firearms and accessories. I don't remember if it covered a home fire but I think it probably did. It didn't include liability or any medical or mishaps, just loss or damage.

It was good as homeowners insurance has low limits on loss of things like guns and jewelry and h.o. riders usually were more expensive and required the policy holder to submit an inventory including serial numbers of items to be covered. The NRA policy was cheaper than an equivalent h.o. rider for the same amount of dollar loss.

You purchased the NRA policy by the dollar amount you wanted insured. They only wanted specifics if filing a claim.
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