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Bought Argy FMAP Para mixmaster, what can you tell me about it?

My state is quickly clamping down on gun rights, so I'm trying to pick up bucket list rifles while I can.

I won an Argy Para on GB and had a few questions about it. While I'm pretty knowledgeable on ARs, AKs, and HK stuff, I don't know much about FALs aside from what I've been able to find on here. I've been wanting a FAL, preferably a Para, but wanted to avoid issues with DSA stuff so I jumped on guy:

It looks like someone built it using a FMAP receiver and an Argy parts kit. I was hoping the Para parts were also Argy but it looks like they're not. My biggest concern is the sights, after winning the auction I read about open eared front sights being higher than closed eared, so I wonder if whomever built this rifle used the wrong parts and now these sights will be "off". I did find a vid on YouTube of someone claiming to have an original matching FMAP Para, and it has sights similar to these so I'm hoping I'll still be good.

What can you guys tell me? I can't pick it up for a few more days, and if I need to order a tall Izzy rear sight to fix it I'd rather do it sooner than later.
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