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How Deep Are The Numbers On An M-14 Receiver Heel?

Any of you guys have any firearms laser engraved? I need to have the serial number of a Polytech M-14 clone moved from the side to the bare heel. I originally wanted to have it hand stamped or hand engraved but a local gunsmith told me that would be nearly impossible around here. It looks as if the Chicoms just roll marked the number on the side and when I get it refinished, any sandblasting will take it off.

There are some young guns who bring their laser engraver to the shows. Last show he told me me could do it and wanted to know "How deep are the numbers?" I don't know. Do any of yall know? They draw the image up on a computer, you look at it then they burn it away. Have you guys ever seen this?

All help is deeply appreciated.

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Douglas Wozny
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A word of warning, whatever you do DO NOT I say again DO NOT remove the original serial number in anyway! Even if you transfer the numbers to the heel, the original must remain intact.
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They were roll marked or stamped and then the raised metal around the markings was chased with an abrassive wheel the same as the M1 Garand. Because of this, they were sometimes a little lighter on the outside letters and sometimes not. I would say 0.020 max but thats just a guess. Plenty of demilled receiver heels out there for you to examine first hand. You can engrave whatever you want as long as you dont disturb the original serial number info.

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