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Gyrojet Pistol and Carbine Test firing Demo

This is a long video, but facinating. An owner of a Gyrojet carbine and pistol was willing to fire off a few rounds for the video:

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Interesting to see if some guy with a CNC lathe and milling machine could make a refined version of the ammo out of mild steel and see if they might be made more accurate and consistent. I know they pour the propellant into solid rockets, so a better quality propellant that was easier to work with and ignite might also be available, though I don't see any rounds selling for less than $15-20 each.
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I remember when these came out. They busted a Russian spy trying to buy one at I believe Reeds Sporting Goods in San Jose California. Pretty cool idea but it just is not as practical as a conventional firearm.
Thanks for posting this.
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