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Best AK books?

Saw a post about an AK book here, and I can't remember where. GP had commented the book was in the top five AK books. Am thinking about ordering a good AK book or two, figured I'd solicit some opinions.
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There is a good one called Kalashnikov Arms compiled by Alexei Nedelin. It's copyright was in 1997. I'm not sure who sells it but it has 240 pages and a lot of photos of Ak's from around the world and all the different variations.
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Ak47 The Grim Reaper (2nd Edition)
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The Gun by Chivers is an account of the history of the AK, its design, manufacture, spread throughout the comm-block, etc. This is not a model by model, detailed features of each variety book. It is a good overall primer of what has to be the most successful post-WWII firearm of all times, and of automatic fire small arms development.

Reads like a page-turning mystery, it will grab you and before you know it 100 pages have gone by.
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The estate I'm cleaning up has three Klashnikov books:
1. Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations(2013) by Joe Poyer $23.00 Amazon
2. Klashnikov AK-47 Series by Martin Brayley $44.95
3. Kalashnikov(1999) by John Walter $24.00 B&N

The Poyer book has some very good b&w picture, the Walter book has a lot of photos but mostly black and white, and the Brayley book has mostly color..

I can let all three go for $40.00 + shipping
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Development? Variations? Use?

Book on what with the AK?

I have some interest in the development of the AK, but most of my interest is in practical use. If that's your interest, I've found the books by Gabe Suarez interesting.
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