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Why are all new 6.5 CM barrels in stainless steel?

Why don't they make any 6.5 Creedmore barrels in Chrome-Moly-Vanadium (pronounced va NAY dee um for those of you who cannot read - just ask my Inorganic Chemistry teachers)? Especially in the AR-10 world? Is it because of bullet speed and the CMV barrels will not last as long due to gas erosion?

Does anyone know?

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In a lot of cases the stainless barrels are more accurate then CMV. In 6.5, you are looking for accuracy, not durability and a high round count between barrel changes.
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Cleaner machining and better abrasion resistance, read that as better finish and higher round count.
At least according to barrel makers...
Most benchrest or match grade barrels are only available SS.
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