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HP 40SW - Anyone know where to find Hi Cap Mags?

With my recent failed attempt at getting a EAA SAR K2 45ACP from CDNN behind me now, I am hoping to find a way to increase the capacity of my FN HP in 40SW beyond 10 rounds.

Does anyone know of any magazines out there that go beyond the factory limit of 10?

I looked 17 round mags I have for my 9mm HP and see other similar platforms have them available (think CZ75).

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don't think anyone has gone beyond 10 rds. for the .40 sw that I have seen but, I am most likely wrong. Climags, list a 11 rounder for AE but, that may not interchange between boolits.
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I am thinking about trying these:

Mec-Gar Extended Magazine Base Pad +2 Optimum Series Magazine
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From what I understood/remember, the hi-cap mags Browning was going to sell with the .40 version were a total of 11 rds. The '94 AWB happened and they went with 10rd due to the law.

.41AE mags *may* work, CDNN had some years ago, but I never got around to buying any.
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I've been told (by somebody I trust) that Beretta 96 mags can be made to work. I bought some, and they do go in my .40 HP but I have not modded the catch slot on the mags yet.
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I bought my Browning High Power Standard Model .40 S&W shortly after the '94 AWB went into effect. It came with two ten round magazines which I believe were made by MecGar. I purchased three more so I could load up 50 rounds at a time.

To the best of my knowledge no one produced any HP .40 magazines that hold more than ten rounds. I have a Beretta INOX 96 .40 with the factory eleven round magazines. Maybe the 96 magazine could be made to fit the HP but frankly I see no point in doing so. Ten rounds or eleven. Not enough difference to matter to me.

And so it goes.

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