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Gun Confiscation Begins in Illinois

A good article in The American Thinker.
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Kind of a BS story as this bill has not been signed into law and NO ONE is confiscating any firearms at all. The governor has not made any public comments stating one way or the other about signing this or any of the anti gun bills on his desk.
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The bill defines all semi-auto rifles as 'assault weapons'.

Giving them again the momentum to ban all semi-autos in Illinois.
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The piece of crap governor isn't going to sign anything until after the election, and hopefully he gets the pink slip.
Life, liberty, and happiness.Until you have robbed some one of those rights you have not broken the law.That's how it should be anyhow.
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He has already veto'ed the dealer licensing bill.
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Originally Posted by FALonious View Post
Well, they have a better climate (for now) and better coffee than Chi-town, but other than that...?

At least they named the *confiscation center* after a dog, that was quite nice of them.
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