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L Haney
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Mini-guns big brother. I used to get to play with these. Look at 1:10, see how straight that one out of five tracer stream looks.

Bubbagump: "When you leave a merit-based system behind do not be surprised when what you end up with is without merit."
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Originally Posted by TheRussian View Post
Sorry your life is so pathetic that your benchmark of whether someone is a man or not is whether he builds his own FAL?
Of course not. Any Nancy boy can build a FAL on a pristine Argi kit. Real men build Garands, or FALs in 8mm, or an AK out of a shovel ...
One Bank to rule them all, one Bank to find them, one Bank to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
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aint this a sweet thread.................yall almost made it to third base
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one hand clapping
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I have a REAL vagina and have built all but one of my 13 SLR's, L1A1s and FALs.

Just say'n
She who speaks Truth, to Power
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Originally Posted by shlomo View Post
I know somebody who's gettin' ready to be spurned from the foot of the throne.

Meanwhile, I'm runnin' around in little circles, biting the furniture legs in anticipation.
Best damn post I ever read, ha ha ha ha ....
I'm just here to feed the alligators.
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