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Guy uses 3D printer to make his own mags

I read about this a while ago, apparently this is becoming more and more easy to do. They even make stripped lowers with the 3D printer. If you browse the site you will see a video of them testing the printed lower to failure. It's pretty funny, the guy squezes off a few rounds and it completely falls apart. But, this technology is pretty cool.

here's the site that has the templates:
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I like this guy but they'll screw him like a hacker. 95% of congress has no idea what hes doing. What that means is the 5% that does can sneak through some legislation where its illegal to P2P weapons.
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It's just the lower and the dimwitocrat said it's a GUN. Yeah, I know the lower is the Gun.

I just need a million bucks! Is that so hard to understand?

Were it not for ignorance, thus we would remain.

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back to the drawing board LOL

need stronger plastic LOL
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I had seen a post somewhere (ARFCOM or Weaponeer) where someone was going to attempt to make a functioning lower out of paper bonded with epoxy. As I recall, some type of CAD/CAM stencil cutter would print out longitudinal cross-sections of the receiver in paper. These cross sections would then be stacked in order using pins through alignment holes. The the stack was then clamped between two plates, and the whole deal immersed in some type of thin polymer solution that would impregnate the paper layers over several days. The frame would then be removed from the solution and allowed to cure. After curing, final touch-up and machining.

Never heard how that experiment went...


P.S. The same poster had planned to machine an AR lower out of finely layered cabinet-grade plywood, using metal liners for the for screw holes, and the holes for the TG pins.

It's sh*t like this, that makes America great.
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I downloaded the cad drawings for the mag and lower a while back. The six shot failure was remedied shortly after failing by reinforcing the rear area where the recoil tube screws in the receiver.

I also saw one demo where the gun went through several full mags without issue. The 3d printers are now down in the $500 dollar range.
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Old January 14, 2013, 20:31   #7
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but it is a good start can you say liberator pistol/ rifle any one
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Why not a cardboard lower?

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