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And for the record I have never done business with gunplumber, ARS at all and have in fact stood up for DSA before. So I am not shilling for anyone. I am simply pointing out YOU as the clear pos you are.
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Originally Posted by ruskiegunlover View Post
No, its was HONESTY I learned. A lesson lost on you CLEARY. Hope more see through you here....
Dak-To is neither honest or has any integrity and when he is called out on it he starts calling you names and tries to slander you in some way shape or form.

Dak-To you need to crawl back under your bridge with the other trolls and leave this thread and others alone.
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Originally Posted by DakTo View Post
Perhaps you need a course in Logic 101 with your Pope shit and DSA nonsense?
Lame, Dak, lame. You have degraded into not even being able to insult anymore. You go girl.
"2A was specifically for, as you note, dealing with what is no longer feasible within the system. This applies to all organs of the state, whether they carry badges, gavels or law degrees."
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Very pleased. Distressing of the receiver and barrel in very nice correspondence to the rest of the kit. And pretty much all the same tone of grey. The grey phosphorous Izzy mags I have all look like they were issued for this rifle. As expected the right side engraving does not have near the detail or legibility of an original but I was glad to have the lettering done nonetheless.

Shipping $25. Comes in a generic Plano plastic rifle case with a cheap black web sling. From pics I've seen I am far happier with this than an Officers' Grade. In fact the detail that was taken to make this look like an authentic Battlefield pick up would almost have me willing to spend more on a Soldier Grade. I chose not to have a muzzle device. This thing will lay nicely next to my grey parked Letterkenny Garand at the range.

Seriously this rifle looks like it was recently discovered preserved in the depths of some cave in the middle of the Sinai.

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